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Frequently Asked Questions

What about theft or vandalism?
     A:  The manufacturer of the Peace Light offers a vandalism agreement to all Peace Light owners.  Coverage includes intentional vandalism only and can be purchased for as many years as desired at a cost of $19.50 per year.  Theft of the entire unit is not covered under this agreement but should be covered under a home-owner’s insurance policy.  Proper installation will also ensure protection from vandalism.

What type of warranty is offered?
     A:  One (1) year limited warranty is offered on parts and labor. Each Peace Light comes with a warranty card and individual serial number.

What happens if there is no sunlight for several days?
     A:  Peace Light requires bright sunlight for a full charge. The reserve battery power will keep the light glowing for a time, but it perhaps will not stay on throughout the entire night until the sun recharges the unit for another full night of illumination.

Will the clear icon become cloudy with time?
     A:  No, the manufacturer of the icons has included a UV and aging inhibitor in their formulation to protect against cloudiness.

Can the icons be purchased separately?
     A:  No, the Peace Light is only sold as a complete unit.

Can replacement pieces be purchased?
     A:  Yes, but the entire Peace Light needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair of damage to the unit.

Can the Peace Light glow a white light instead of red?
     A:  No.  The Peace Light is produced to be as maintenance free as possible and any other color has a much shorter life span. The soft red glow is beautiful and signifies warmth from the heart.

How do most people mount the unit?
     A:  This depends on the person selling and setting the Peace Light. Most people tell us that they set the unit with the Granite City Sealant silicone (provided). Refer to installation brochure included with each unit.

How do you mount the Peace Light when there isn’t room on the monument?
     A:  it can be top mounted on any smooth surface.  It can be added near a vase, or mounted on a granite pedestal and placed next to the monument.

Can the Peace Light be damaged in shipping?
     A:  Peace Lights are shipped via UPS.  The packages are designed to protect against damage or breakage. We ask that you keep the original box to allow for proper shipping in the event you need to send the unit back.

How long will the battery used in the Peace Light last?
     A:  Typical life of the battery is from 3-5 years.  These are not sold in stores and must be ordered from your Peace Light retailer.

Can I use the Peace Light indoors?
     A:  Yes,  with the optional “chapel adapter” the Peace Light can be used indoors.  You cannot use this adapter outdoors.

What is the life of the “LED”?
     A:  It’s estimated life is 25-30 years.

What colors of granite bases are available?
     A:  Jet Black, Impala Black, Georgia Grey and Dakota Mahogany are available for the model #100 units.  The size is 6”L  x  5-1/4” W  x  5” H.



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