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Due to recent changes in our business we are no longer selling monuments or grave markers (bronze or granite). This website is available to the general public for information only.  Please address all your questions relating to monuments and markers to your local monument retailer. We are pleased to continue to sell accessories on-line to all interested parties.

Vertical Columbarium

verticle columbarium for cremation urns

Our Vertical columbarium is just the answer for families that are looking for an easy solution for a memorial for their loved ones who have been cremated.  The doors slide open and when the need arises can be sealed shut. 

The unit comes completely assembled.  Families should check with their cemeteries to be sure that they would allow this type of memorial.

The vertical  columbarium offers a small space for a flower vase and room for two cremation urns.  Size is 2’ 6” x 1’ 4” x 2’ 8” tall with a base that is 3’ x 1’ 6” x 4” tall.  Available in Jet Black or China Grey

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