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How to Install Your Flower Vase...

Double sided tape is used between the vase and the memorial. The high-strength tape requires 100 lbs. of force to break the seal.  Make sure the surface is CLEAN (wash with water and if needed rubbing alcohol) and that you are sure where exactly the vase should go. Once the vase is stuck down you will not be able to move it.  It is weatherproof, easy to mount and permanent.

The “Lug” is a rosette with a 5/16” x 1-1/2” threaded lug that is screwed and epoxied into a hole drilled in the base of the memorial.  To drill this hole requires the use of a “Rotary-Hammer” drill with special bits.  The vase is then screwed down onto the rosette.  The vase can be removed by unscrewing it from the rosette.

A heavy gauge stainless steel strap bolts to the bottom of the vase and inserts between the die (top portion of the monument) and the base. The vase can’t be removed without moving the die.  This usually requires a monument setting workman’s skill.

The “in-ground” or sometimes called “inverted” flower vase is easily installed by inserting the canister into either simply a hole dug in the ground or installing it into a cement pad or a granite pad with a hole .
Here is a list of the sizes that each of the particular vases require:

      Classic = 6”
      Paragon (4” x 10”) = 6”
      Crown = 6”
      Gem = 5”
      Crest = 5”
      Tiara = 5”

Please email or call us if you need more information on the installation of your flower vase!

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