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Installing the Peace Light

The preferred method of mounting the Peace Light requires a sealant (included in the package) and clear silicone (available at a local hardware store). The surface that the Peace Light will be adhered to needs to be smooth, clean and dry. The solar panel MUST receive direct sunlight and it is suggested that the blue solar panel face to the South or East direction. It is important that trees, tall monuments, etc. do not interfere with the sun’s rays reaching the solar panel.  Artificial light, such as street lights, etc. may prevent the Peace Light from glowing at night as it will interfere with night time darkness.

Specifics for Model 100:
Space needed is 6” x 5” area and surface must be polished or smooth. Spread sealant on bottom of base plate, spreading to within 1/2” of the outside edge. Place where desired, pressing down with hands only on the base - not on the icon.  Then caulk around entire base with clear silicone, smoothing out air holes to prevent moisture from seeping in and destroying the seal.  Clean up excess silicone with mineral spirits/paint thinner.  When the monument top is not smooth, the stainless steel saddle can be used to place the Peace Light.  Extra sealant is included for this usage and silicone is again used to seal edges.

Specifics for Model 296
Space needed: 2” x 3” smooth surface or a 3” x 4-1/2” smooth surface.  This unit can be mounted using the bottom of the base or the sides of the base, keeping the solar panel facing South or East.  Spread sealant on area of base to be applied. Seal with silicone.  (You may use a permanent adhesive or 3M double sided tape in place of the enclosed sealant for a more secure placement).

Detailed Installation Instructions will be included with each Peace Light


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