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Thompson Monuments is your online memorial store!

Due to recent changes in our business we are no longer selling monuments or grave markers (bronze or granite) to other areas besides the Webster City Iowa area.
This website is available to the general public for information only.  Please address all your questions relating to monuments and markers to your local monument retailer.
We are pleased to continue to sell accessories on-line to all our customers.

Laser Carved Personalized Monuments

Our thanks to the Vidal-Wilsey family for use of this photo

Thompson Monuments offers you the beauty of lazer carved personalized memorials to honor the life of your loved ones.  We are able to use any GOOD quality photo to produce this lasting tribute.  We suggest that you check with the cemetery about their rules and fees first.  Let us know if you want a drawing proof and what size and shape of monument you are interested in.  All laser carved monuments must be in Jet Black granite.

Price will vary depending on how the memorial is composed.

Click HERE to email us with your questions and requests for a quote for this unique memorial.

Motorcycle custom shaped monument - laser engraved!

We can offer you real CUSTOM shaped monuments.  This motorcycle monument was made to the family’s specific desires. 
With a VERY GOOD photo of a car, motorcycle, boat or whatever you have in mind we can custom shape a personal memorial to your loved one.

Photo is courtesy of Laser Imaging.

Hodge memorial4
Motorcycle Monument grave tombstone

Personalized motorcycle monument is so unique!  This monument shows your love for bikes and your spirit.  We thank the Wille family for permission to show their loved one’s memorial on our website.
This particular bike measures  48” x 6” x 30” tall with a base that is 54” x 14” x 8” tall with lettering on the beveled front of the base. 
Motorcycle monuments can be made custom from a very good photo of any bike.
Email us with your inquiries.

E-mail us by clicking HERE!

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