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Types Of Memorials

  • Flat Granite Grave Markers: Flat granite grave markers are usually rectangular pieces of granite with a polished face.  They can be installed as a cemetery marker that is flush with the ground, or a cemetery marker that is above ground on a foundation.   Unlimited carving and lettering on flat granite cemetary markers is included in the cemetery marker prices posted on our website.  Ceramic and porcelain photos (sometimes called cemetery pictures or cemetery portraits), as well as granite, bronze, or metal flower vases can also be incorporated into the design of flat granite markers.
  • Single or Companion Granite Grave Markers:  Granite markers for the cemetery are usually composed one of two ways, either as a cemetery memorial for a single individual, or a companion memorial for two people such as a husband and wife.  Our flat granite markers are offered in a variety of granite colors, and come with a certificate of gurarantee.  As mentioned before, we offer unlimited carving and lettering on our flat markers, and are able to incorporate a number of accessories such as ceramic portraits, as well as granite, bronze, or metal flower vases into the composition of our granite markers.
  • Infant Granite Grave Markers:  It is unfortunate that such a product need be offered.  Infant flat granite markers are exactly what the name indicates, cemetery markers that are composed for an infant or toddler who has passed away.  These cemetary markers can be composed of any of the same granite colors as our more adult sized cemetery markers.  Infant granite grave markers are often required to be a custom size by the cemetery.  If you don't see the size you're after listed on our website, give us a call for a custom quote.
  • Flat Bronze On Granite:  Because of it's durability, some cemeteries require that a cemetary monument be a bronze marker mounted onto a granite base.  Thompson Monuments offers traditional cast bronze markers and memorials, as well as 3-D, engraved bronze grave markers and memorials.  Our traditional cast bronze markers and memorials offer the styles, images, and emblems that have been the industry standard for decades.  A relative new-comer to the industry, our engraved bronze grave markers and cemetery memorials.  These machined bronze grave markers and memorials are able to have incorporated virtually any good quality photo or image into the design.  The design team takes your original photo, and turns it into a machined, rather than cast,  image with an intricate raised 3-D relief, engraved right into the bronze marker itself.  We now offer our bronze markers and memorials in full color, with a fifteen year warranty on the clear coat finish, a warranty unmatched in the bronze marker industry.
  • Adult Single or Companion Bronze Grave Markers:  Much like their granite cemetery marker cousins, our flat bronze markers and memorials are composed either as a cemetery monument for a single individual, or as a companion bronze marker for multiple individuals, such as a husband and wife.  We advise customers to check with their cemetery regarding size requirements.  We offer several bronze vases, including in-ground vase assemblies which can be incorporated into the design of our flat bronze markers grave markers, for either the single or companion bronze grave markers.
  • Infant Bronze Grave Markers:  Bronze grave markers for infants, are again, exactly what is described.  Our traditional cast bronze infant markers are offered in the standard rectangular shapes, as well as several custom shapes, such as a teddy bear or heart.  Our Trigard engraved bronze markers, offer parents the option of incorporating photos, images of favorite toys, etc., of their infant or toddler into the bronze marker itself.
  • Pillow Markers: Pillow markers are cemetery monuments that are very similar to flat granite markers, with the exception being a slight bevel on the face of the marker.  These cemetery monuments would be installed above ground, on a base of granite or concrete.  As with our flat granite cemetery markers,  we offer unlimited carving and lettering on the face of our pillow markers as well.  We currently do not have pillow marker pricing available on our website.  Please call for a custom quote.
  • Slanted Cemetery Monuments:  Another style of cemetery monument is the slant.  Slanted memorials are slanted from their high backs, to their relatively low fronts.  The slanted surface comprises the face of the monument.  Our slanted cemetery monuments are a nice option for families looking for a memorial that is more substantial than a flat granite or bronze marker, yet smaller than an upright monument or headstone.  Please call us for pricing
  • Upright Headstones:  Upright headstones for the cemetery, are increasingly becoming more diverse as far as design and style.  We have designed and sold upright cemetery monuments in all shapes and sizes.  Some of the more popular shapes in recent, have been our angel monuments and memorials, featuring hand carved statues of angels in various positions, that are incorporated into the headstone itself.  Some other contemporary shapes of upright cemetery monuments that Thompson Monuments offers include horses, motorcycles, trees, teddy bears, hearts, shamrocks, the list could go on and on.  Custom shapes and sizes of upright cemetery headstones and monuments are no problem.  If you don't see anything that you like on the website, just give us a call and let us know.  We will do our best to compose a stone to your desired shape and specifications, as well as work up a quote for you in a timely manner.  We also offer the more traditional serpentine shapes and styles of upright cemetery monuments and headstones as well.
  • Granite Ledgers: Granite ledgers are a unique style of cemetery monument.  Rather than being placed at the head of a grave, a ledger, typically covers half of the grave itself, if not the entire length of the grave.  Much like a flat cemetery marker, or any of our granite cemetery monuments, a ledger can be carved and lettered with an individual's names, dates, and anything else their loved one's would wish to incorporate.  Granite ledgers are available in the same granite colors as our other cemetery monuments, price varies by the size of ledger needed, and the color of granite that is chosen.  As with all of our custom monuments, please call with your needed specification for a custom quote.
  • Bronze Ledgers: Bronze ledgers like granite ledgers are designed to cover a portion of the grave itself, rather than sitting as cemetery headstones do, at the head of the grave.  Like our individual and companion flat bronze markers, are attached to a granite base.  We offer ledgers in both the traditional cast bronze, as well as our engraved 3-D relief bronze styles.  Since ledgers are generally custom pieces, we recommend calling for a custom quote.
  • Granite Benches:  Granite cemetery benches are becoming increasingly popular not only as an add-on to an existing cemetery monument, but also as stand alone cemetery headstones.  Our granite cemetery benches, come in several styles and colors.  Some of our granite benches are designed to hold cremated remains, still others, such as our four piece Garden Bench, can be used for a variety of applications such as a bench along a walking trail, or in a personal garden.  Standard sizes and prices are listed on our website.  For a custom size please call us at 1-800-947-8232.
  • Cremation Columbarium:  Cremation is becoming increasingly popular, for a variety of reasons.  Thompson Monuments offers several varieties of cremation columbarium.  We offer large bronze or granite faced cremation columbarium with numerous cremation niches, as well as smaller individual or companion cremation columbarium able to be installed on a single gravespace, or centered on multiple grave spaces.  We have sizes and pricing on some of our smaller columbarium.  Call our office for a price quote on a larger or more custom cremation columbarium.
  • Mausoleum: Simply put mausoleums are structures installed above ground for the housing of a deceased loved one.  Mausoleums come in many styles and colors, and as with any cemetery monument or memorial vary in price based on size, color, and complexity.  We would be more than happy to compose a drawing as well as generate a quote, based on your specific needs.
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