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Zinc Replacement Vases

Zinc replacement vases for stolen or damaged vases in the cemetary.

zinc tall round b

Round Bottom is 3 15/16” x 1” tall
Priced at $129.95 plus shipping.
Total height is 11 inches.


zinc vases tabs sm

Bottom with tabs is available in two styles.  The shorter one may not fit upside down into the ground because of the wide mouth of the vase.  Shorter one is $79.95 and the taller one is $129.95 plus shipping. See photo below for more details.  All zinc vases are the same color - dark brown. Total height is 8.25” for the short vase and 10” for the tall zinc vase.



Have you lost a cast bronze vase due to theft or damage done by a lawn mower?   We might have a solution for you!   The most popular vases in many cemetaries either have the three little tabs on the bottom of the vase or are simply round at the base.  Over the years there have been many different manufacturers of the cast bronze vases so ours MAY NOT FIT yours so care should be taken to make sure you do not order our vases that may not fit your marker.  If you are uncertain - please email us a photo of your vase (or one identical to it) and the mount it installs into.

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Zinc Replacement Vase- Tabbed Bottom Style

Cast Bronze Plugs for Matthews Bronze stolen vases

Has your loved one’s flower vase been stolen?   This is way too common today.

Matthews bronze offers families a simple replacement PLUG that will fit their vase holes.  At only $119 each plus shipping and your choice of either light brown or dark brown cast bronze. 

NOTE:  Will not fit every vase hole - see the measurement in the “Tabbed Bottom” vase  photo just above the PLUG image.

Select Color of vase PLUG


matthews plugs sm

Drop in vases b

Choice of colors for our replacement vases.  Either Satin Bronze, Classic Bronze or Dark Bronze.   These have a round 3 15/16 inch diameter bottom. 

Vase Size: 10 1/8" x 3 15/16"             Included Liner: 7" x 3"

Priced at only $119.95 each plus shipping. 

Select Color:


Gem round bottom GB

Above photo is of the bottom of the vase - showing the handle to put the vase out of the in ground cylinder.  The bottom is 3 15/16 inches wide.

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Monday, March 15, 2021